Il nostro personale investigativo vanta una lunga esperienza presso i reparti operativi delle Forze di Poliza ed è il punto di riferimento per lo studio delle modalità di intervento e l’impiego dei dispositivi tecnologici di supporto alle indagini.


II personale prescelto per l’esecuzione dei servizi, che sarà comunque sottoposto a Vostra specifica approvazione, avrà le seguenti caratteristiche professionali di massima e specifiche, in funzione della propria attività, con la descrizione degli strumenti operativi che utilizzeranno:


Primo soccorso medico. Primo intervento antincendio. Gestione piani di emergenza e di evacuazione. Addetto ai servizi di intrattenimento e spettacolo D.M. 6 Ottobre 2009 del MINISTERO DELL'INTERNO, (ex buttafuori)

The company XXL Protection, Security Institute, has worked for years with the help of professionals in the world of personal safety, protection and security management in large and small events (License No. 20658 / Area I Ter OSP Prefecture Rome).

The owner of ‘agency as well as administrator and security manager, holds master’s degree certificate issued by’ University of Rome, is also vice president of the Lazio FEDERPOL and permanent member of the Study Committee and the laws of FEDERPOL with delegation of sectors control officers and stewards .

The ‘XXL Protection has staked everything on’ high professionalism of its operators, selecting them among the best in the industry, as operators specialized security, VIP escorts, selector, drivers, and electronic and computer technicians who do their job with utmost discretion, to to offer a superior service, ready to intervene in any situation while respecting the laws. Our professionals have decades of experience, knowledge of English, French, Japanese, Arabic, Russian and are in full form of psychological and physical.

The staff attended the regional courses and is a registered professional association (Decree Law of 6 October 2009). For decades we perform security services in many nightclubs in the capital, in night clubs, in public and private events, accompanying personal security in shopping centers, construction sites and condominiums, principals night or 24h prevention of vandalism, access control, safety environments, document delivery, alarm systems, video surveillance and scanners, jet, helicopter and car with driver, hostess and promoter, stewards, lifeguards and firefighters.

These are just some of the services we can offer, request a quote, it’s fast, free and without commitment, we will discover that after your safety is at the center of our thinking.



Given the growing demand for VIP escorts, we have developed a complete service with car of institute conducted by our operator, who in addition to performing the duties of a driver will take you wherever you want to go, from the restaurant to the disco or club fully enjoy all entertainment in complete safety, without having to worry about anything. We also have a limo.

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